Ganesha the Elephant Headed God

Ganesha the Elephant Headed God will be discussed, myths and mantras, when to invoke Ganesha, and, most importantly His presence.

One of the myths concerning the birth of Ganesha, the elephant headed God is as follows:

Ganesha was created by Parvati, the wife of Shiva. He is thought of as the son of both Shiva and Parvati. He is the first son of the Divine Couple. He was created from the earth element gathered from Parvati's body and molded into a small boy, and filled with the Breath of Life by Parvati. This is the original form of Ganesha with a human head, the head of a small boy. His name is "ADI GANESHA."

Parvati set the small boy as a guard in front of her bathing place to stop anyone from entering. One day as she was bathing, Maheshvara Himself came seeking Parvati. The young boy said, "Halt, none are to pass. Lady Parvati is bathing."

Shiva amazed at the little guard's impudence, to attempt to stop the owner of Kailash from seeing his own wife, removed the boy's head with one throw of his trident. Parvati seeing what happened was overcome with grief at the death of her son. Shiva sent everyone in his kingdom to seek the boy's head. It was nowhere to be found.

Just then a Asura with a man's body and an elephant's head approached. Shiva immediately cut of the demon's elephant head and placed it upon the young boy's body. Vishnu reanimated the boy. Shiva accepted him as his own son and he was loved by all. His name became GANESHA, the elephant headed God. He was granted the boon of answering prayers.

The elephant God also became the leader of the Gods. He is the first approached of all the gods. The God that is closest and most easily accessible to those of the material plane. He still plays the role of the guard at the gate to the divine world. Through His grace one can gain entrance into the subtle worlds. His name as leader of the Gods is GANAPATI.

Learn an exercise that will release blockages that stop the flow of intelligence, and, when it should be done, and,  mantras that are an easy way to remember Him and to focus His energies where they will release flows of energy in your subtle body to uplift your consciousness and bring down heaven's power to manifest material goals in your life.

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